Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Preschool Week 15

Preschool Week 15

Bible: Our Advent stuff, see here.

Reading: Christmas Books 

Language Arts and Handwriting: The Letter N practice

Chalk board letters.  

Practicing the strokes for the letter n.

Finding the n sound pictures.

Adding some eggs to the N is for Nest picture.


Math:  We made a homemade balance in order to To estimate which bears are heavier/ lighter.   This is basically what we made here.  I strung it between to chairs so it would be hands free.

The filled and compared many many times.

I had Hannah and Ethan fill the cups full but still even.

They compared the contents of the cups and found out that even though one cup had more bears it weighed the same as the other cup.

Gingerbread Roll and Stamp.  I saw this on Pre-K pages but I made my own.

(Compare Bears Maths)
(Montessori at Home(Math Section)

Art:  Making a Narwhal.  This was a big hit.  Easy too.  We got the idea here and you can find the printable here.

First they painted it.

Later in the week it was as simple as cutting out the pieces and gluing it down on some blue construction paper.  We will have to do more of these.

Ethan's Narwhal.

Hannah finished Narwhal.

Just For Fun: Various Christmas related activities.

Snowflake matching work from My Montessori Journey.

Hannah did some of the Christmas Alphabet Mazes from 1+1+1=1

Christmas Tree Matching from Little Piles Everywhere

A Snowy Sensory Bin

Hannah really enjoyed this, Ethan did not.  :D

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