Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Bubble Station

Hannah loves bubbles.  She also likes to blow them herself.  Unfortunately, she tends to spill the solution quickly.  When she leans over to blow bubbles she also leans over and spill the little bottle.  Last year when she ran out of bubbles I would fill it up with water and she didn't seem to notice.  This year she knows how to blow bubbles, so I needed to find a way to keep the bubbles blowing. 
   I saw this great idea for a bubble station on I Make Stuff, and knew I wanted to make one for Hannah.  I already had everything I needed so it came together really fast.  I love that its hand free and out if Ethan's

Bubble Station.

What you need:
Flower pot (I used a plastic one)
Plastic container with lid
Glue gun
Feed the string through the holes in the bottom of the pot, making sure to pull the string ends even.

Put a good amount of hot glue on the bottom of your plastic container and then press firmly into the pot for 30 seconds or until stuck.

Using the string or rope attach your pot to your fence post.  Then fill with bubble solution and add a bubble wand.

Blowing bubbles.

Its a little bit of a reach but because the wand is long she can make it work.

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Put the lid on when your finished and its all set for next time.

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