Monday, July 11, 2011

Scissors and Swimming

It was a day for firsts at our house today.  Today was Hannah's first swimming lesson of the summer.  It was also her first time using scissors.  This morning we got up, had breakfast, and while the kids were playing Andrew and I were making plans for the day.  Hannah walked in the room from the kitchen with a piece of paper and asked me if we could do an activity together.  I looked down at the paper in her hand and realized that it was one of the pages out of my folder.  A folder she isn't supposed to touch.  We went into the kitchen and spread out all over the floor was every sheet from my folder.  So after cleaning up and a bit of a discussion with Hannah about what she suppose to do if she wants to do an activity, Hannah and I sat down at the table and practiced cutting.  As you can see from the pictures she is wearing her bathing suit and is already to go to the pool.  She had a great time at the pool with Daddy and her Auntie Teresa who was swimming with Ethan. (Mommy had a break at home to herself).

I finally found a pair of blunt ended kid scissors on the weekend,
so this was the first time she held them and  got to cut by herself.

She was trying so hard.

She has a hard time opening the scissors once there closed.

I couldn't resist the grin as she told Daddy that she did it.

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