Friday, July 1, 2011

Finding the Fruit

In an effort to keep Hannah moving and therefore burning energy, even though it rained most of the week,  Hannah, Ethan, and I played a fruit game.  I taped pictures of fruit on the door up high enough that Hannah really needed to stretch to reach them, and Ethan couldn't get them at all; at least until Hannah handed the cards to him.  I used some that she knew and some she didn't (coconut, kiwi, pear were the harder ones because I don't buy them).  Then from the other side of the living room, I called out a fruit and she had to run and get it and then bring it back.

Fruit pictures (Tot School Printables)

Big reach.

Excited to bring it back.

Ethan always in the middle of the fun.

Then into the mouth, when does it stop?

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