Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Practical Life- Pealing and chopping an Egg

As another E activity, I showed Hannah how to peal and chop a hard boiled egg.  She loves to help out in the kitchen and so this activity was right up her alley.  Lately, she has been asking me to bake in the kitchen.  Even though she didn't get to bake she did have fun. 

Carefully pulling off each piece of shell.

Hannah loves to do things that require precision and fine detailing.  She was meticulous at  peeling the egg.

Next, she chopped the eggs using a pastry blender.

We also did an egg craft as an extension of our kitchen work.  When I prepared this activity I cut out a piece of white card stock into an egg shape and drew cracks on it with white crayon.  Then when Hannah painted the egg, the crayon resists the paint and stands out.  The egg looks "cracked".

Getting started.

She discovered the cracks right way.  She asked what the lines were and I explained that the egg was "cracked".  She  looked at me seriously and said "No mama not broken".  

Her finished egg.


Charlotte said...

Another great activity for Hannah! And I love her reactions all the time!!! Yes, I have noticed how she can work on meticulous tasks.

Kristina said...

Thanks Charlotte.

Justin E. Chan said...

excellent idea. Great way to include Hannah in your life. I am proud to have you as a friend, whose a mom.

Kristina said...

Thanks Justin. smile.

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