Monday, July 4, 2011

Long Weekend Fun

We had a great long weekend. We spent the weekend down in the States at the Glen.  We had really good weather and it was so nice to be down there with my family.  The only downside was Ethan wasn't sleeping well at night, so after the first two nights Andrew and I were exhausted and called it quits.  The first morning we were there was the annual parade celebrating Canada Day and July 4th.  Hannah loved it.  She had so much fun collecting all the candy thrown onto the side of the road.

Ethan waiting for the Parade


Looking for candy.

Found it.

I love how they decorated this bike.

Bagpipers, I thought Ethan would be scared but he wasn't.

She loved eating at a little table instead of her highchair.

My mom.

Andrew doing what he loves to do.

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My Aunt and Uncle had a ice cream social for the kids. So delicious.
Look at all those toppings.

She usually so good with her spoon, ice cream with your fingers.

What good day doesn't end with a nice fire.

These were just some of the fun things we did.

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