Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby Tech Tray

Some days I feel like all I do is lift Ethan off furniture(the higher the better) and take cords and other electronic accessories out of his hands.  He is all boy.  The other night I was at the end of rope (or cord as it were) and decided I needed to find an outlet for Ethan's obsession.

So I dug through the bin in my closet that holds all the bits and pieces that come from owing electronic things.  Mostly, these are things that we have from living in Korea and the cords we needed to make them compatible.  I tried to pick out things that move and come apart.  

On the tray: An old mouse that comes apart into 4 pieces, a cord, battery charger,
a USB cord that comes apart, a plug with a Korean adapter.

He LOVED it.

I have never seen Ethan so focused on something.

He was jiggling the cord and watching the ends dance.

Hannah wanted in on this tray as well.

Ethan taking apart the mouse.


Charlotte said...

Boy, you have a boy there! Hehe...

sharon said...


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