Friday, November 25, 2011

Lollipops, Laments and Window Pictures

Hannah has not been napping well the last 2 weeks, its hit or miss at best.  Missing completely seems to becoming the norm.  I am not ready to give up hope.  But neither can I ignore the fact that she is awake when I deeply desire her to be asleep.  She still acts like she needs a nap.  Here is what we did the other day during nap time:

Homemade window clings:
Craft foam cut into shapes.  Add some water and stick.

Hannah happily creates her picture.

Very eclectic masterpiece.

L is for lollipops
Glitter, glue (white glue works better but I was out), tape, paper circles, and  straw pieces.

Using the glue stick make a swirly pattern,

Dump on some glitter.  I used the cookie sheet to catch the excessive amount of glitter  that accumulated.
 Then I put it back in the glitter container.

Attach a straw piece to the back with tape.
Hannah thought pretending to eat the lollipop was soooo funny.

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