Friday, November 4, 2011

Button Fun

I decided to let loose this week.  I let Ethan play in the cupboard with the canned food.  I also spread out a blanket for Hannah and Ethan and gave them buttons and a some containers.  Let loose?  I know but for me that was relaxed.  As I stood and watched Ethan take things out and put them ALL back I could help myself image him dropped the can of pasta sauce on his feet.  I  had to keep myself busy while they played with buttons or I probably would have cleaned them all too soon.  Children choke on buttons right??  Hey I never pretended to be perfect and to say I have a few quirks is just being polite.  However, this week I was challenged by something I read over at Play at Home Mom.  The post is about children who like  to dump things and giving them an appropriate outlet.   Needless to say they loved the freedom to explore.

Next week: MARBLES!! 
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Amanda said...

Marbles?!? Oh you brave woman! I've pulled out big shape buttons for Grace but haven't been brave enough to try buttons. I'll be interested to see how it turns out!

the bees house said...

Yes I also am not too sure about marbles! Thanks for linking at Today at Play and don't forget to call back in and link again soon as it is a year long link up! I always revisit if you link cause I'm curious to see what you are doing.

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