Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jokes on Dad

Last week was hard!  Andrew had meetings every night, which is very unusual.  Normally, it is only 2 a week and almost never back to back.  My kids are very much children of routine.  They like how we normally do things and really don't appreciate deviations.  Each night got progressively worse  (with the exception of last night and that was because my sister was over, thankfully).  Ethan was especially difficult.  Wednesday, I threw in the towel after 1.5 hours only to find that Ethan had been playing with the buttons on the clock and it had actually been 2 hours.  I finally got them asleep each night, but I was so happy to have Andrew home tonight.  

On a lighter note, Hannah decided to play a joke on her dad last night.  She thought it would be very funny to  switch pajamas with Ethan and see if Daddy would notice.  He did notice when he went and checked on Hannah when he got home.  

Hannah is wearing Ethan's sleeper, and Ethan is wearing Hannah's pajamas.

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