Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Playing with Light

I have been saving this activity for the letter L week and it is finally here.  I was super excited and I hoped that both Hannah and Ethan  would enjoy.  This activity has popped up all over thee mom blog scene, so where I saw it first is uncertain but I am pretty sure that it was at Play at Home Mom.  

My first problem to work out before we could even do this activity was how to rig up a light box/table.  Here is how I did it:

First, I  took a picture frame (bigger than the container you will use underneath it.
Removed everything from the back except the glass.
Then tape a piece of wax paper onto the inside of the frame to make to the light more opaque.

Then I took a plastic bin and filled it with some Christmas tree lights.
Finally, I duct taped the frame onto the bin to hold it secure.
I was worried the kids might lean on it funny and hurt themselves
or some how break the glass if it shifted off, so the duct tape worked well to prevent any problems.

Then I turned it on, added some colorful gem stones, and a container with more.

I took this picture with the flash on by mistake, but it such a lovely picture of the two of them playing side by side.

Ethan "choosing" his gems.

I gave Hannah a marker later on and she drew on the glass.

I have some more things I like to try on the light box. So stay tuned.

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