Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kicking the K Balloon

My kids love balloons.  I think they are great for getting all that energy out without the risk to people or things inside the house.  Hannah loves to kick and throw them around.  Ethan likes to chase them around and squeeze until they should pop (hasn't happened yet).  This is a kick activity that I saw on Playing House

All you need is a balloon and masking tape.  (Even a marker would work).

Using the masking tape make a letter K on the balloon.

Make sure everyone gets to help.

Hannah and Ethan then colored the masking tape to decorate the balloon.

Not a great picture, but Hannah colored in the K very well.
Then kick the K on the balloon. (That is kick the balloon like crazy).

Have fun and try not to get hurt.

I could help it this is my favorite picture of the evening.

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