Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nature Walk

Yesterday, Andrew and I took advantage of some good weather (you know almost warm and almost dry) and went to Tynehead Park.  We love going there and since its cold and wet its been since before Christmas that we were last there.  I told the kids once got their that we were looking for things that start with the letter "M".  They did a great job coming up with things or finding things as I suggested them.

First up was a mole hill and some moss on a tree.

Then a maple leaf and a mushroom.  

We saw lots of squirrels.  I almost got a picture of one (hehehe) but later we did get a picture of one of his friends.

My sweet monkeys.

This little chickadee posed for me.  Not an M thing but still very cute in my book.

M is for map...

and mud....and even mommy.

Our big treat was seeing this bald eagle sitting up in a tree.

Andrew very patiently let me wait so I could see him fly.

There are probably lots of M things that we didn't spot but we had fun and a great walk.

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