Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pretend Play

The other day I was in the kitchen making dinner listening to the kids playing in the living room   I could hear them talking and I was doing my best to try and figure what they were doing.  Whatever it was I knew they were enjoying it and they were making lots of rules and plans for there game.

It started out with a lot of bossy directions from Hannah to Ethan and lot of questions from Ethan to Hannah.  But still I had no idea what they were doing.  Then Ethan kept asking Hannah if she had some (??) and Hannah over and over would say "No, not that size, but I've ordered them though."  So I peaked around the corner to finally figure out what they were up to and they had created their own shoe store, later they added coats.

I love their pretend play.  They come up with such complex rules and plans.  They were together to figure things out and problem solve.  Best of all I was able to make dinner uninterrupted.

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