Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Break is ending.......

We have been enjoying the last of our winter break and I know the kids have been watching me get things ready for our activities.  They eagerly ask me if "that" is for them.

We (me and the kids) have especially enjoyed having extra time with Andrew.  Hannah went swimming with Andrew and Auntie today leaving Ethan at home with me.  I do not remember the last time Ethan and I had some alone time.  We very much enjoyed the time together.

It's nice to have some unscheduled, do as you feel days.  We are all getting over (in the process) of getting over our colds.  In a house where colds tends to spread and cycle through, it is a relief to be on the end of it all.  

Hannah and Ethan have been playing very well independently.  The games they make up are becoming far more complex and planned.  

I have been surprised over the last week and a bit because it seems like I can stand still and watch them grow.

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