Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 16, Letter N

Letter N-Week 16

I'm going to buzz through this very quick.  It's been a very fast week.

Hannah and Ethan were happily surprised to have daddy work on this activity with them.  They sorted and counted nuts.  I was out when they did this but Andrew said they had lots of fun.

Nature Study:   
We had a look at nests, we spotted a few the week before on our nature walk.
There are quite large at the park we visit.  Being that it is winter they are also quite easy to spot.  

We read "About Birds: A Guide for Children" by Cathryn Sill.  Which is a fantastic book that introduced many types of birds and nests.  We even inspected dollar store nests because I couldn't come up with a way to get a real one.

We made pictures of baby birds poking their heads out the nest.  

We even Got help from Auntie Teresa and Baby Ben. This was my inspiration.

Reading and Language Arts: 
 We worked on the N, which in our house is often confused with he letter m. Hopefully we got closer to figuring it out this week

Gluing on pieces of tinfoil to make tin cans on their Letter N page.

Faith Foundations:  
This week was a continuation from last week.  I don't have a whole lot more to share.  But I did have this picture I thought was cute. Here is Ethan telling what he is most thankful he can do with his legs; Running.

Just For Fun:
Hannah and Ethan played with nuts and bolts.

Nocturnal Animal sort leftover from last year.  Found here.
I LOVE the expression on Hannah's face, she was very disgruntled because I had just told her for the second time that she could NOT help Ethan by doing it for him.

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