Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 17 Letter O

Week 17- Letter O

This week was ALL about owls.  Hannah and Ethan loved learning about owls and I couldn't agree more with them. Lots of fun for sure.

Hannah and Ethan practiced counting and sorting Owls as a math activity. (go here for the pattern)

Hannah played a simple game where she needed to flip over a number and then count out the correct number of owls.

Ethan counted a bit but mostly preferred to sort the owls by color.

We made made cute hand print owls. (see here)

This was by far the biggest hit of the week.  We learned a little about different kinds of owls (snowy, great horned, and barn owls).

We watched a pair of barn owls through a live web cam feed  (many many times).

Here is Roy and Dale. (You can watch them here).

We made some owl masks, on the backside of the mask I taped half a toilet paper tube to each eye (like binoculars).  This is to simulate moving your head to look at something rather than moving just your eyes, just like an owl. (owl mask here)

Reading/Language Arts:
We worked on the letter O, Hannah and Ethan carefully painted their octopus picture.  Ethan made dots on the octopus tentacles with paint on the tip of pencil eraser.  Hannah painted her octopus completely in pink.

This week we read "Owl Moon".  I love everything about this book, it is lovely.  The kids thought it was pretty amazing too.  It is nice when we all agree.

Here is a fun link to the Author Jane Yolen reading the book.

Faith Foundations: 
Our lesson this week focused on our words and how we use them.  We talked about how our words can be used to encourage someone, to show love, and even pray.  They enjoyed putting words to use by putting on a puppet show for Andrew and I.  

Just for Fun:
Doing an owl puzzle together.

They were pretty excited to finish all by themselves.

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