Thursday, January 3, 2013

Toot & Taco

Before Christmas, Ethan gave himself a nickname (pickle).  Listening to him refer to himself as pickle never ceased to be cute or funny.  Well the other day I was shopping with Hannah and Ethan for groceries, Ethan decided that it was time for a new nickname.  So if you can imagine, we were going down the aisle with one of those big green kids carts when Ethan turns to Hannah and says "Hi my name is Taco" and Hannah turns to Ethan and says "Hi my name is Toot".  They then dissolved into a bout of giggles.  It was funny, really funny. They repeated their sketch several dozen more time is the store, getting louder and louder to EVERYONE who had the joy of passing by us.  They are a comedic duo in the making.  But sometimes mommy just wants a little peace and quiet.

Here is another from their playbook:

Ethan: You hurt my feelings.
Hannah: Why did I hurt your feelings?
Ethan:  because you didn't come to my birthday.
Hannah: Oh...(long pause)... I'm sorry.

 ........a few seconds later.......

Hannah: Open this up.
Ethan: Wow. Gasps with glee...What is it?

Hannah:  It's the squeaky toy you wanted? (Apparently she decided to give him a gift since she missed his birthday.)

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