Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Play Dough Fun

Hannah and Ethan received some play dough for Christmas, so last week as I was getting things organized, I decided to go through the play dough and get rid of all of the old stuff.  You know the stuff so old that it almost hurts to squish.  The funny thing is Hannah, Ethan and I never really noticed until you have new play dough as a comparison.  Anyway we tried some neat tricks with the play dough and had a lot of fun.

 First we rolled the play dough onto a piece of paper really flat.

As you can see we used lots of colors and it got all mixed up together.

Then we scrapped off the play dough with the flat side of one of our play dough spoons.  

This takes a little patience and Hannah gave it a good try.

After you scrap off the play dough you get a really neat marble effect where the play dough sticks to the paper.

Ethan played happily with some of the new play dough.

Next, Hannah finger painted with the play dough.  I did this too and it is a lot of fun and very relaxing.

Afterwards, Hannah wanted to scrap off the play dough to see if there was another picture underneath.  Ethan joined in with the scrapping.

Admiring their finished picture.

Who knew old play dough could be so fun?

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