Monday, February 18, 2013

Hannah's Gift

Hannah gave me the sweetest gift this afternoon.  I just wanted to share.  During her rest time she often makes things.  She has a little lap desk that I pull down for her that only comes out during rest time.  It has crayons, paper, scissors, and glue.  So basically all those things Ethan cannot be trusted with unsupervised.  Hannah does very well and rarely has she been found doing something she shouldn't (like cutting her hair or coloring on the walls).

Here she is hard at work.

She is quite prolific as are most girls her age.  She makes me me smile with the gifts she brings me.  Nothing warms my heart more than when Hannah or Ethan make me something.  Anyway, I wanted to share what she made me today. 

 You can see in the above picture that she traced and cut out her hands and then decorated them.  The one on the left has the letters D and M.  She explained that this was because the hand was for Daddy and Mommy.  The second hand has a picture of a sunshine day on the bottom.  
Oh my sweet girl, Oh how much I love you!!!

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