Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 18 Letter-P

Week 18 Letter-P

We played "Mommy Says" using shapes.  I started off easy and worked up to more complicated commands.  They both enjoyed this and did very well.

This was very simple.  Puzzle piece collages on cardboard ovals (thank you Teresa).
Lots of fun.

 Nature Study:
We learned the parts of a plant.  We made a booklets which Hannah and Ethan colored the different plant parts (flower, stem, leaves, roots). 

Then we made flowers and matched the parts of the flower to the parts in the booklet.
Here is where I found the booklet, and my inspiration for the flower is here.

Reading and Language Arts: 
Hannah and Ethan both wanted to use the dot markers to color their pictures of porcupines and the letter P.

We read "Angus Lost" by Majorie Flack this and this one did not disappoint.  I love most everything by Marjorie Flack so I wasn't surprised.  The kids especially loved this dramatized version based on the book.

 Faith Formation:  
We did our first lesson of our new unit on our senses.  The first sense was hearing and the kids had fun hearing sounds and making sounds.  We talked about how God gave us the gift of hearing sounds but also to hear Him speak to us as well.

Here is Hannah and Ethan pointing to a radio, they both said this was their favorite thing that makes noise.

With the felt board they got for Christmas they can both re-tell our stories at the same time.  They never tire of this and I love how our original story changes as they re-tell it.

Just for Fun:
For fun, Hannah and Ethan enjoyed making push pin pictures. It's hard to tell but they are both poking their pins to make the letter P.  Ethan's is a little more abstract.

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