Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Sometimes talking to Hannah is like trying to solve an obscure riddle.  Not in a bad way, its just that sometimes she share the details before cluing me into the big picture.  Its like working backwards to the topic.  We had this very confusing conversation in the car this morning.

Hannah:  I want to go to that place again.
Me:  What place?
Hannah:  The place we went to before.
Me:  Hannah, I need more information, what place, can you tell me more about it ?
Hannah:  It's the place with the door.

(Thinking to myself that this must be a significant piece of the puzzle, I rack my brain places we've been with interesting doors.  I was coming up with nothing.)

Me:    Hannah what else is there.
Hannah:  Cakes, lots of cakes.

(To myself:  I have no idea what she might be referring too.)

Me:   We went to a cake place? What did we do there?
Hannah:  We ate ice cream with chocolate on it.

 (To myself:  this is less than helpful since it's winter and I cannot remember the last time we ate ice cream anywhere.  Especially since this place also has lots of cakes).

Me:  When did we go there?
Hannah:  Hannah was 3 and Ethan was 2. Ethan and I were wearing our new shoes.

(To myself:  they got their new shoes for Christmas.  So this was something recent.  
The door is still throwing me)

Andrew pipes in:  Did you eat anything else?

Hannah: Hot dogs and french fries.

Andrew:  Was it Dairy Queen?

Hannah:  Yeah, Dairy Queen.

I turn to Andrew and ask him how he knew it was dairy queen.  He points out quickly that the only places we have ever bought hot dogs for the kids recently has either been Dairy Queen or Costco.  Dairy Queen has cakes. Finally, all the pieces start making sense.  We went to dairy queen a couple of weeks ago and the kids had fries and hot dogs.  While we were waiting, Hannah, Ethan, and looked at all the ice cream cakes in the displays.  After their lunch the kids each had a dilly bar (ice cream with chocolate on it).  Yes, they wore their new shoes.  But one thing still bothered me:

Me:  But what about the door???

Andrew: Dairy Queen has a door.

Me: Ohhhh

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