Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 20- Letter R

Week 20- Letter R

Language Arts and Reading:
This past week we worked on the letter R.  Our activity was a big hit this week with Hannah and Ethan.  It is a picture of a raccoon holding a pumpkin pie.  After putting some glue on the pie, Hannah and Ethan took turns sprinkling some cinnamon over the glue.  Ethan especially enjoyed sniffing the pie and getting cinnamon all over his nose.

A departure from our regular nature exploration we instead made tea bag rockets. AMAZING.  Both fun and easy.  Obviously there are no pictures because this involved matches and fire.  But we did manage to take a video.  Have a look:
Check out this link for more info.

This week was all about rectangles.  
We counted sides and corners and compared rectangles to squares.

We explored some different rectangles from around the house.

Then Hannah and Ethan traced the rectangles to make a picture.

Finally, we all went on a rectangle walk.  It was raining so we "walked" around the house.

While we didn't "make" something this week.  Hannah and Ethan painted for the first time on our much anticipated banner easel.

Faith Formation:
Our lesson this week focused on developing a greater awareness of and appreciation for the sense of touch. To encourage Hannah and Ethan to express their thankfulness and appreciation to God for their sense of touch.  

We played a game with our mystery box.  I put a bunch of soft and hard items in the box and they had to take turns reaching in and guessing what the object they touch was and whether or not it was hard or soft.

Here is Ethan deciding that the rock he pulled out was hard.

Hannah and Ethan with their hard (Popsicle stick) and soft (cotton balls) pictures.

Our story this week was Matthew 19:13-15 where Jesus welcome and blesses the children.  It’s a wonderful image of Jesus reaching out and blessing others with his touch.    

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