Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Years Ago

Five years ago, is that even possible.  Five years is a very long time.  I have 3 kids.  We live in a different house.  Andrew has a different job.  Two bridges have been finished.  Yet I still feel like it was yesterday.  I remember once I was talking to a friend who had lost a loved one and it was coming up to their 5th anniversary.  At the time I thought that after five years they should have had a better grip on their grief.  Now thankfully I never said anything to them but now I better understand that when you loose someone you love it's still fresh and that when you think about them you are instantly transported back to that moment when you lost them.  It can seem like everything and everyone else has moved on but you haven't at all. I treasure the memories I have stored up, I am thankful I have no regrets, and I long for the day when I will see my brother again.  But still my heart hurts and aches at what is lost.

I thought I would share a little of who Nicholas is to me.  Just random stuff. Call it a walk down memory lane.

1.  My brother was generous with his time, his money, and his talents.  He often used his money to bless others, myself included.  He was a very good and creative gift giver.  He liked to spend time with those he loved and did things for them easily.

2.  He was extremely annoying at times.  He was stubborn and pretty much thought he knew everything.  Most of the time this was highly amusing.  When I was pregnant with Hannah he liked to "educate" me on pregnancy and parenting. hehehehehe

3.  He loved listening to music in his car.  We often fought about what we should listen to when we drove somewhere together.  He liked really loud music and he liked to point out that I always had a headache when we rode together just so I could get out of listening to his music.  Here are a couple of the songs we could agree on.

Evanescence- My Immortal
3 Doors Down- Here Without You
Nickelback- How You Remind Me

4.  He loved the work he did at Vector, working on helicopters, but often felt undervalued and under appreciated.  He liked most of the people he worked with and always had a story about what was going on in the shop.  While I have never met most of the people he worked with I often felt I knew them from his storytelling (Sandi, Hector, Joylynn and Irene).

5.  He was a junk food junkie.  One peek at his bank statement and you could see how much he ate at Taco Del Mar, Subway, and McDonalds.  He was a picky eater and liked everything bland and plain.  His favorites were Tacos and Lasagna.

6. He liked to travel.  He went to Japan when he was in high school and visited Andrew and I in Korea.  He traveled a lot for work.  He really wanted to go to South America and Europe and was always planning a trip of some kind.
7.  He loved all things technological. He was always planning his next cell phone purchase. He was good with technology and fixing stuff when something went wrong came easy to him.  Not surprisingly he was good with his hands and enjoyed working on his car too.  He fixed things for people when they broke.

8. He was moody and sullen when things did not go his way.  It took time for him to get over something. hehehehehe

9.  We went to the movies a lot. Nicholas, my sisters, and I often went to the movies together from the time we were little.  We hung out a lot and enjoyed each other company no matter what we were doing.

10. He was a very good brother.  He would sit with me when I had a really bad headache and make me laugh.  He drove me around and took good care of me and my sisters.  When the three of us sisters are together there is always an ache at knowing that he is missing out and so are we.

I found this video after I wrote this post while I was looking for pictures.  This is just very typical of us hanging out together.

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Hector Ruiz said...

Thanks Kristina, I enjoyed reading that.

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