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Preschool Week 27 W

Preschool Week 27 (April 14th-April 18th)

This is my favorite picture from that week.  Hannah and Ethan pulled out their binders of all the things they have done this year and were talking about their favorites. Makes me smile.  I going to run through the rest of this pretty quickly because it's already late being posted.

Since it was the week leading up to Easter we made out Easter garden together.  We do an Easter garden every year here is a little more of an explanation if your interested.

I put out all the supplies for the garden and let Hannah and Ethan put it together.

They did a great job decorating and assembling everything.

The sprouts we used were suppose to grow in 2-5 days which should have been plenty but was not.


I decided I ought to write a little something here everyone in awhile.  We read a lot out of the "20th Century Children's Book Treasury" as well one of their new favorites "The Big Animal Mix-Up".
(Sonlight P3/4)   

Language Arts and Handwriting:  W work



Compared the weights of different bears both in size and number.

Made towers with cubes.

Ethan (my child who loves to make patterns and to sort) made patterns out of the cubes. 

Hannah made her structure out of only orange and green cubes.

Poor Ethan needed some more green cubes to complete his pattern.

Cube Puzzles.

They practiced adding.

Using the cubes instead of bears to do some adding puzzles.

(Compare Bears Maths)

Art:  Made crowns

They a lot of stickers and sequins to decorate their crowns.

How very royal looking.

Science: Insert your text here.

Continued watching their beans germinate both in the bag and in soil.

This is the bean we left in the bag. It's growing much faster.

I think it looks very creepy 
but Hannah and Ethan are loving watching the roots grow and stretch out.

Hannah decided that she wanted to see if apple seeds would germinate like the beans.

We also looked at the way a leaf buds and grows in the spring. 

 We collected different pieces from our tree out back and compared them to a chart they colored.

 Just For Fun: 

Hannah said she really wanted to try and sew something all by herself.  I kept forgetting so she made me a very sweet note to remind me.

They each got a needle and a square of fabric to practice with. Ethan wasn't very interested and quickly abandoned his work. hehehehe

Hannah thoroughly enjoyed it though and worked on her square for quite awhile.

She even managed to sew it into a bow of sorts (no joke).

Ethan prefers the culinary arts and helped my made banana muffins.

We called it school because he stuck whale toothpicks in it (we practiced the letter w this week).

 Nathanael hung around looking cute.

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