Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Family Time

This weekend was jammed packed with family time.  

Hannah collected Easter eggs faster than the boys.

Ethan had to open every egg before moving on and as a result got sidetracked in the egg collecting race. Ben was very cute looking for eggs.
Hannah was thrilled with her new bike that she received from Gama Gama and Papa.

There she goes off for a bike ride with Gama.

She didn't need the training wheels but she wanted to give them a try before taking them off.

 So sweet!

Course it didn't take long to want to ride without the extra wheels.

Ethan getting in on the bike riding fun.

Chilling with Auntie Amanda

Here is Mom, Dad, Benson (the dog) and my Grandma.

Kevin and Ben.  Sometimes Ben looks so thrilled with life....

....and then he will give a great big grin like this one.

Andrew strolling in to watch the kids ride bikes.

His puckered lips are just too much for me to resist.

Benson typically has a hard time trusting people so I was a little surprised he took to Andrew.

Yep I was there too.


Auntie Amanda

My very pregnant sister Teresa with her tiny bump is due in 9 weeks.

Finally Chris showed up for the evening (brother-in-law #3).  (He had a good excuse though since he was at work).

Ethan loves Uncle Chris and likes to get in his face to talk.

GG hanging out with Nathanael.

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