Friday, April 4, 2014

Preschool Week 25

Preschool Week 25

Bible: I'm officially calling time of death on our lent stuff this year.  It's just to hard to coordinate with Nathanael's schedule.  Oh well what can you do.  I fully intend to pick back up closer to Easter with some of the other stuff I have planned.

Reading: Books, Books, Books.

On a completely unrelated topic which really doesn't fit here at all except that it involves books.  I checked on Hannah tonight to find her reading by lantern in bed.  What did she choose to read:  A purple sparkly birthday card and a volume of "The Hymns of Faith".  Not that she can really read it but I suspect she wanted a book that looked like it belonged to Daddy. :D
(Sonlight P3/4)   

Language Arts and Handwriting:  The letter U.

Happy faces because the letter U is easy to make.

We played this Rainbow game by The Measured Mom.  

Can you guess who won!


Math: Block Puzzles and Patterns

I printed off the block puzzle sheets from All Our Days.  Instead of making individual cards I left them 4 up.

They used the foam cubes to fill in the patterns.  Hannah really enjoyed counting and comparing the different figures.  Ethan liked how the blocks felt squishy.

Making patterns.

I made 2 copies of the "Counting Eggs Emergent Reader" from here.  Jennifer Hier makes these books and other super cute games. 

I put the pages out of order to make it more interesting.  Here is Hannah reading hers.

Art:  Shaving Cream and Paint Art.

I dripped paint all over a tray full of shaving cream.  They used skewers to mix the paint in and create a design in the shaving cream.

Next, paper was placed on top and pushed on gently.

After you carefully peel back the paper you can scrape off the extra shaving cream and your left with a "print" on the paper.  

Of course it was also just fun to play with the shaving clean.  Upside their fingernails have never been so clean.  Downside was the very male scented cream permeated our whole house.   

Science: Bean Germination

We watched this time lapsed video of mung bean germination.

This was really helpful to give them an idea of what to expect and watch for of the next few days.  Hannah was especially excited to point out the similarities between  our beans and the beans in the video.

We place bean seeds on a paper  towel soaked with water and placed it in a zip bag.

Then we placed in on a widow sil out of their reach for obvious reasons.

Sure enough we had "little tails" after a few days.

Just For Fun:

My three monkeys

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