Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Preschool Week 26

Preschool Week 26

Reading:  The kids have been eating up books from the library, it is a good thing it's free.  Andrew brings piles of books home for them.  One of their favorites right now is "The Missing Piece" by Shel Silverstein

Language Arts and Handwriting: The Letter V

 Printing the letter V

Andrew put on his teacher hat for awhile.

Things that start with the v sound.

We played a abc card and clothespin match game that I found here.  I hid the cards all over the living room. They found them and matched them to the corresponding clothespin.

They found them and matched them to the corresponding clothespin.



They did a counting caterpillar activity. They added stickers to match the number beside the caterpillar to form the body.  Ethan was super quick at this activity.  Hannah wanted her caterpillars to look nice.

Ben decided while he was over to have fun playing with the bears and the balance. So much like his mommy.

Art: Oil painted flowers
They used a q-tip to apply oil to the red portion of the flower.

Ben joined in to make a flower and Hannah insisted on being his teacher and explained how to do it.

Afterwards I hung the flowers on the windows.  Although they kind of look like clouds, I guess that's what happens when I'm holding Nathanael with one arm and cutting with the other.  Anyway, the flowers turned translucent from the oil when put up towards the light from outside.


 We watched our beans sprout (I think it took almost 3 days).

Examining the bean "tails"

We kept one bean in the bag to watch it continue sprouting and planted the rest in paper cups.
Just For Fun

Hannah and Ethan began their next set of swimming lessons.

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