Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nathanael is 3 Months

Our sweet boy turned 3 months yesterday and he weighs 13.5 lbs and is 25.5 inches long.

He is definitely leaving the blob stage behind and becoming interactive and fun.  He has even decided to give his swing a chance.  He prefers to sit in it when it's off and quiet.  I think he really just likes the hanging toys.  He watches them very intently.

He has also started to enjoy being on the floor with some toys.

He likes these linky toys.  Hannah told me he was going to jail for being too cute.

His favorite place to sleep is with mommy either in my arms or wrapped on me.  He does very well sleeping in his bassinet at night and is only up once.

He could take or leave a soother but LOVES to sick his hands in his mouth and chew on the gleefully.

He went to the zoo for the first time and enjoyed it.  Maybe not the zoo so much as the sunshine.





We also had a picnic at Bear Creek Park this month and he gave the disc swing a try with Hannah and Ethan and Nathanael almost slid right off.

Daily he is loved by his sister and brother.  I love the picture of Ethan and Nathanael having an early morning cuddle.  Nathanael is still wearing his swaddle wrap but he has managed ti wiggle his arm out the top.

Hannah loves to take care of Nathanael and she does a very good job.  She is super helpful.

I am enjoying the tummy tub so much.  Nathanael likes sitting up and splashing in the water.

We are still a little unsure of his eye color.  Andrew says he has spy eyes because the color changes frequently from brown to blue and back.  This is the best picture I can get.  They are brown/gold in the middle and blue on the outside darkening to a darker blue around the edges.

Finally here is a picture of Nathanael with his favorite food.  Sooooo boring.

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