Saturday, January 28, 2012

O Wrap-Up

Here is a snapshot of some of the O activities that we had fun with throughout the week.

Ethan and Hannah played with there letter box items.

Hannah practiced throwing her bean bag as high as she could.

We glued cheerios onto an octopus.

Ethan did not get it at all.

Really all they wanted to do was eat them.  Surprised? No

This is Hannah's finished octopus.  The cheerios on the face are his eyebrows.

We played the owl letter matching game.  Ethan really liked matching the letters.

We made orange O's with orange dot markers.

Ethan dotted.

Hannah covered her O picture.
 Our final project was to make an owl.  Yesterday we started by painting a big piece of paper brown.  

This was their favorite activity of the week

We finished up our owl today and then hung him from the fan  in the kitchen.

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