Monday, January 9, 2012

Letter M and Marshmallow Painting

After nap-time and a quick trip to the mailbox it was time to explore the Letter M box.  Usually the first time the box is opened I let them explore without much interference. Other than then occasional explanation of how something works or the name of an item I stay pretty quiet. 

Mirror and Magnifying glass ( Hannah calls it a finding glass).

Clearly he knows how to use it.
This is a video of Ethan finding the letter M upside down.  Hehehehehe.

Today, we also painted with Marshmallows.
Ready to go.  I saw this at
Hannah stamps away in blue.

Ethan very quickly mixed his colors.

Peering at the paint soaked marshmallow.

Squeezing the marshmallow with all his might.

I caught her just before she took a bite.

Hannah's marshmallow masterpiece.



Charlotte said...

Wouldn't it be great to have edible paint? That way, Hannah could eat the marshmallows after she paints with them!

Kristina said...

I have a recipe for edible paint. Hmm great thinking Charlotte.

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