Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My favorite dollar store find ever....

Every once in awhile, when I can leave the house without a child in tow I like to go to 1 of 2 places; Value Village or the Dollar Store.  I go to the value village to find cheap books.  Maybe its because people don't read as much anymore but I can always find good books in brand new condition.  Why pay 12.99 when I can pay .99 cents and get the fifth for free.  The last time I was there I found 4 of these Child's Play books that had never been read.  
I get all my art supplies from the dollar store.  Every so often I come across a something random but great.  My absolute favorite find was the Marble run packs.  I have seen these on Amazon. They are about $35 dollars.  They do have some cool features, like spinning pieces, and stable feet for the the bottom.  I bought 4 packs (wish I had bought 8) from the dollar store and Hannah has just recently figured out how it all works.  They are amazing and I secretly wish I would remember to take them out of her room at night so that I can play with them while she is sleeping.

Marble Run

She likes to put the pieces on herself, but she not so delicate and
often needs some help to keep everything from crashing down.

Seeing a gap in the tower.

Admiring the finished tower.

Dropping in the marble.  Obviously this is our favorite part.

Following the marble.

Where did it go?

Watching the marble swirl around the tower.

Catching the marble at the end.

In the pictures, you can see we build the tower on her babies bed, that because it makes everything much more stable than working on the carpet.


Charlotte said...

I want one of that marble stack thingy. Seriously.

Kristina said...

If I can find more I will get you one Charlotte. hehehehehe

Charlotte said...

Maybe just wait until they grow up & out grow it and I grow old and need to play with it. Not much longer to wait anyway!!!

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