Friday, January 6, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go.

As I said yesterday, we spent the last week visiting Andrew's parents and had a very good time.  We were cut short by a day due to driving conditions which was a bummer but better than getting into trouble driving home.  
Enjoying a graham cracker on the way up.

His cheeks were so pink. Happy to be eating.

Eyes on the road.

We had "Christmas day".

Which lead right into some relaxation for Daddy.

Playing in the tent.

Peaking out.

Hannah wanted to read ALL week.

Horsing around.  I'd say he caught a 26lb boy.

Hannah got up so very early in the morning.  So early I wasn't even up to take the picture.

Ethan and Hannah loved playing on Grandma's bed.

Andrew's Dad

Yes, I was there too.

Some "special" pudding for the car ride home.

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