Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hannah loves glitter.  I often ask her what kind of activity she would like to do with me, and more often then not it involves glitter.  If it doesn't involve glitter it most certainly involves a paint brush.   So whats better than an activity that needs both.

Hannah asked if we could make some glitter flowers.  So I cut out some flowers and  and  got some green paper for our grass.

I put some glue on a little tray and Hannah used a paint brush to apply the glue to the flower  before  sticking it down onto the green paper.

Hannah thought this was great. She does not like getting glue on her fingers.  I like it because it is not only less messy but you end up using less glue and glitter. :D

Hannah shakes the glitter onto her gluey flowers with our salt  shaker/glitter bottle.  My grandpa made these shakers for me so it makes me smile every time we use them.

Glittery flower.

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Kalista said...

Very pretty! We're glitter lovers over here as well! :)

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