Thursday, January 12, 2012

Magnet Exploration and Migraines

So the kids played with magnets (letter M) and I contemplated life without a headache (m is for migraine).  Hahahaha,  Both are letter M so it is very fitting.  Both kids really enjoyed playing with the magnet  tray but Hannah got really into it.

Checking out the objects on the tray to see if they "stick" to the magnet.  Hannah is trying out the pipe cleaner.

Hannah is trying the bracelet.  

Hannah feeling the pull between the magnets.

The spoon would not fall off.

Ethan thought this was fun, sticking paper clips onto the magnet stick.

Hannah is sticking paper clips on her own magnet.


Courtney said...

Where did you find those great magnet sticks?

Kristina said...

I got them at a teacher store. They were really inexpensive.

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