Saturday, January 21, 2012

Letter N Happenings

I tried so very hard to get this out yesterday but it just didn't happen.  We are in the throws of a cold with Andrew and I suffering the most.  Thankfully, Ethan has slept VERY well the last two nights.  Here are our N activities from over the past week.

Hannah sorted the nuts while Ethan tried his hand at the nut cracker.

Hannah ate one of the nuts (shell still on) and discovered that you cannot eat the outside.

I cracked the nut (I think we started with a pecan) and Hannah really liked pulling out the flesh.

She tried to crack the nuts herself.  She couldn't, but loved practicing.

We cracked open and looked at all four nuts that we had. (top L clockwise: pecan, walnut, hazelnut, and an almond).

The kids played with the items in the letter box.  I am always curious to see which items they like the most.  This time Hannah played with the net the most.  She filled and dumped until it was time to clean up.

Ethan liked the nail and the nickel.  Both silver and shiny.  I should  have guessed.
Later in the week we made an N craft.  N is for Nest. 
(I was inspired by this craft  at Rockabye Butterfly but I altered it for my kids).
Gluing nests onto their N's.

Hannah filled her nest with eggs very precisely.

Ethan's finished picture.

Hannah's picture.

Both of the children focused for quite awhile on twisting the nut on the bolt.  Although, neither could put it on the bolt if it came off completely.

Ethan doing his number puzzle.

I hid all the number pieces from the puzzle all over the room for Hannah and Ethan to find.

Ethan and Hannah wanted to play this game 4 or 5 times.

After each number was found they had to put it in puzzle before looking for another piece.

This was our last N activity. Learning to recognize their own names.  I painted big posters and taped them to the ground.

They each found their own name and then we played a loose variation of Simon Says.  I gave them an action to do on their name; jump, run, tiptoe....

Next was hop on your name.

Finally, sit on your name.

Stay tuned for out O activities.


Liesel Rios said...

Like the name game! And Hannah looks so adorable in the stripy legging photos. Get well soon and may the cold not spread to the kiddos!

Kristina said...

Thanks Liesel!

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