Thursday, January 5, 2012

We are Back!

It's true.  We are back from our week away and I am back from being away from my bloggy hiatus.  It's been nearly a month but the time went so quickly I can scarcely believe it.  As a family, we have really enjoyed some great concentrated family time both before and after the new year.  Let me catch you up on the happenings.  We had a wonderful time celebrating the Christmas.  My unspoken goal was to have a none rushed and Christ centered Christmas time.  While my husband might disagree on how busy we were for the holidays, I think we succeeded in both, which is partially the reason for the bloggy hiatus.

We enjoyed a great visit from Andrew's brother.  The kids loved playing with their Uncle.  Then after Christmas We spent a week away at Andrew's parents house (we got back yesterday).  Just before we left Hannah showed some interest in using the potty, so we have also been working on the potty training.  In addition, I have been planning the letters M-Z, as well as what will follow once we have completed the alphabet.

Stay tuned I have some pictures from our week away, some thoughts on potty training, and then on Monday  the kids and I will start letter M.

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