Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Animal Matching and Spoon Practice

This afternoon Hannah wanted to play a game.  This usually means she wants to do some fun activity, so we matched animals and practiced with spoons.

Animal matching:  Pretty simple activity, I place pictures of farm animals on the table and handed Hannah pictures of the same animals one at a time for her to match.  Next time, I will only place some of the animal cards rather than all of them because she was finished after about 6 animals.  If you want to make your own cards, I found these ones at Montessori for Everyone here.

Looking for the cow.

Found it.

Spoon Practice:  Equally simple, I placed a dish of bouncy balls beside the paint tray and she spooned the balls in to the divots.  I found both of these items at the dollar store.

Easy does it.

Fingers are easier.

All done.

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