Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ducky Playdough

So sometimes I get a bulls-eye and sometimes I miss.  This is a miss but I thought I would share it anyway because I thought it was fun.  Hannah did not.  But she's two so I'll mop up my tears and move on.  Hannah asked to do play dough and I thought it would be cute to do some Ducky play dough.

Blue dish for the pool/pond, ducky, and blue play dough for the water.  Cute right.  I thought so.

She wanted nothing to do with my ducky play dough, she wanted the green play dough knife for cutting.  I suppose when she asked me she already knew what she wanted to do and was not impressed with my gentle suggestions otherwise (okay maybe not gentle), she even gave the ducky to Ethan at one point.

Moral of the story:  Two years olds know what they want.

This two year old wanted to cut play dough for 30 mins.

Oh well maybe I play with the play dough by myself (cue sulky pouty music).

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