Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Richmond Night Market

Sunday evening, we went out to the Richmond Night Market with Andrew's family.  Andrew and I love the night market, not only does it have an amazing assortment of foods but it has fun things to looks at and buy too.  The night market has fond memories for us.  Last year, we went to the night market the evening before Ethan was born, so I credit my labor starting to all the walking I did at the market.  Also, having lived in Korea in for 2 years going gives us warm fuzzy feelings every time we go.

Hannah eating a snack.

Andrew's mom.


Andrew's Dad


Happy baby boy-  Loves going out.

Dukbokki- Korean Rice cakes in a hot and spicy sauce. 

I love hurricane potatoes

Don't you just want to try one?

Hannah and Daddy looking around.

Hannah wanted to push.

Hehehehehe- This kills me. Bunny Bouquet. 

Korean Flag

Andrew's favorite korean socks.

Isn't it cute?

The market.

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