Monday, June 6, 2011

Ethan's Monkey Party

We had some fabulous weather this past weekend, sunny, warm and timed just right for Ethan's first birthday party.  His actual birthday isn't for another week, but this coming weekend when we would have had his party is going to be busy.  We have the churches 30th Anniversary all weekend and a wedding on Saturday too, so there is no way we could have squeezed it in.  I'm just glad that I can say that he is almost one just a little longer.

Ethan in his birthday outfit.


Ruffled streamers ( Yes I sewed them and yes I love them), you can find the tutorial here. 

I'm not sure what Andrew is doing with the blue plate in the air.

The spread, thanks everyone.

Ethan's Monkey Cake

Hannah was telling him to eat it.


Hanging with Papa

Happily sitting with Mommy.
After we ate and opened presents, the kids were all busting at the seams to escape the house, so we all went outside and watched them play where it was cooler.

Much cooler.

Playing with the water and sand boxes.

They were are very wet but happy.

It was a wonderful afternoon spent with family celebrating my baby boys first year (almost). 


nessa.hui said...

I LOOOVE Ethan's monkey cake! Looks like you guys had a blast! Happy Belated Ethan!

Charlotte said...

An advance happy birthday to your handsome little monkey!!! Glad to see the celebration was blessed with beautiful weather!!!

Kristina said...

Thanks, I loved making the cake and was super happy with the way it turned out.

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