Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hannah is a great teacher.

I said to Andrew in the car the other day that Hannah is a born teacher, meaning that I can already see an innate desire in her to teach.  For months she has been trying to teach Ethan to clap, sing, and even walk (he has finally learned that one).  Hannah heard us talking and she said loudly ``Hannah no teacher, Hannah is Hannah``.   Despite her assertions you can see it the way she interacts with Ethan and it makes Andrew and I laugh.

I caught this on the camera:

She is teaching Ethan to count, what you can`t see in the video is that she is trying to teach Ethan to count Josephs brothers in her baby bible.  Unfortunately, the page turned on her but she kept going anyway.

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

If only Ethan would be more interested!!!! LOLsssss!

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