Thursday, June 16, 2011

Color Practice

I really enjoy coming up with interesting ways to teach Hannah and have fun. She loves to play, so this activity was a great combination.  I originally saw this idea on Peaceful Parenting and thought it would be easy to put together.  All you need are mini pom pom balls and a Parmesan cheese shaker (which I pilfered from Andrew's mom when we were out visiting).  Its a terrific fine motor skill activity already but I extended it by asking Hannah to put in various colors and amounts.  For example, I started by asking her to put in some purple pom poms, and then after awhile I asked for specific amounts; 2 orange or 3 blue.  She knows her colors fairly well but seems to confuse blue and green often.  The numbers were quite a bit trickier for her and she would turn around and ask me to do it for her.

Such concentration.

Pushing in an orange.

We were still playing when Daddy got home from work and Hannah was very excited to show him how to push the pom poms into the holes.

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