Friday, June 17, 2011

D is for Duck

Hannah and I made a cute duck craft before lunch today.  It was really easy to prepare ahead of time, and then when Hannah and I needed something to do to keep quiet I pulled it out.  Ethan was sleeping after his 1 year vaccinations so it kept Hannah busy.

All you need is:
2 strips of yellow paper
2 orange triangle for the beak
some feathers
2 googly eyes

1.  Glue the strips of paper into loops, then add the eyes and beaks to one of the loops(the head).

2.  Tape the head to the second loop (the body).

3.  Add some feathers with tape to the back of the body loop/

All Set

Gluing the beak on.

Taping the loops together.

Adding feather, Hannah wanted no help.  We used a few pieces of tape.

Inspecting her work.

Cute little ducky with crooked eyes, or maybe he is looking off to the left.

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