Sunday, June 26, 2011

Letter D Activities

In addition to the summer fun that we have had the last two weeks, Hannah and I have also enjoyed some fun Letter D activities.  I really enjoy coming up with the letter activities.  Some of the time the ideas are mine and some times they are the ideas I glean off of other super creative and talented Mommies.  Have a look at the fun we had:

Hannah discovering a dinosaur in our D box.

Counting Ds

Coloring and stamping Ds  (Worksheet from Tot School Printables)

Magnet fun. (from Tot School Printables

Duck Puzzle.  I put the three piece puzzle on a magnet sheet. (from Tot School Printables

The ducky playdough

Paper Duck Craft

Daisy Sugar Cookies
 I made Hannah a dinosaur sandwich and some dinosaur shaped cheese for lunch.  Her first comment to me was "where are the eyes?".  I think I should do this more often, because she ate really well that day.
Dinosaur lunch
Yeah onto "E".

Tot School

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