Saturday, June 4, 2011

Eating Worms

This is another post I forgot to do before we left.  We have a castle slide in the corner of our backyard from one of the families at our church that our children absolutely LOVE.  Over the winter, the sand pit filled with water and all manner of interesting things that are alive and wiggle.  Mommy wanted nothing to do with it.  I have a secret.  I hate worms.  Actually, my mom and I both hate worms.  It's a long story and if I tell you,  you will hate me, this blog, and worms, so I will spare you.  Take my work for it, or ask my mom, I'm sure she will tell you the story.  I'm still having nightmares.  hehehehehehe.  Anyway,  the little wiggly creatures were in the sad pit filled with water and Andrew thought it was a good time to empty.  So, while Hannah and Ethan played (I was inside getting things done, after I took a few pictures) Andrew emptied the water and the worms.  Hopefully they have moved far far away.

Why do you need boots if your already soaked?

Emptying the pit.

Hannah jumped in to help.

Reaching in to get a bucketful.

She "stole" Andrew's bucket because it was bigger.

Getting a closer look.

Wiggly worms.


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