Friday, April 29, 2011

Bird Feeder

Hannah looking for Birds

We made a super simple bird feeder to go in our backyard.  Hannah happily helped me make it.  I wondered the  entire time if she knew what we were doing.  We made it using things we had at home, except for the bird seed.   My feeder is a modified version of this one.  It rains a lot here so I didn't want a lot of wasted bird seed due to damp and rainy weather.  This way I can dump out any bad seed and replace it easily with good seed.

You need:
An empty pop bottle with the cap (to keep the rain out).
craft sticks/wooden spoons/or sticks from the backyard would work too
bird seed

First cut a hole in the side, a little larger than your fist.  Next cut two slots below your hole.  One on either side, and insert your craft sticks or wooden spoons.  Those will become the ledges for your birds to perch on.

Then ask your toddler to fill he cavity with bird seed.

 Finally, attach a string and hang it in a tree.  I think I hung mine too low.  But I didn't wan't to drag the ladder out while the kids were playing in the backyard.

 Then all you need to do is keep you eyes open for some birds.

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Charlotte said...

WOW it really worked!

Linda Kiing said...

How fun and creative!

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