Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For Hannah

Today, Hannah turned two.  Yeah. I cannot believe it.  I was going to tell you 24 things about Hannah for her 24 months but instead I am going to do 12 dreams from her mother’s heart. In no particular order:

1.     That she would know how much her father and I love and cherish her every day.
2.     That she would know God, His love, his saving grace, and his plan for her life, and to choose to make it her own.
3.     That she would have Holy work.  Work that fills her with passion.  Work that she loves. (Like both her parents)
4.     That she would see know the joy that comes from reading and learning.  The joy that comes with sharing it with someone else.
5.     That Hannah and Ethan (and future siblings) would know what means to love each other with a brotherly/sisterly love far deeper than most. 
6.     That she would have the freedom to develope her talents and skills and to use them to bless others.
7.     To make friends that edify and lift her up and to do likewise.
8.     That she would play outside, explore nature, and know the God who created it.
9.     To hear beautiful music, sing, and worship God too.
10.   That she would be sensitive and compassionate to the needs of others above her own needs and desires.
11. That no matter what struggle or difficulty may come up that she will always stay fixed on the cross.
12. That she would marry a man as wonderful as her father that he too would know and love God.  They could have a daughter as remarkable.

Just home from the hospital with mom.

1 day


2 years


Charlotte said...

This is such a beautiful piece, Kristina. I, too, pray with you for all these dreams to come true for Hannah!

Liesel Rios said...

I love this post. Thanks for sharing. You are an example to me.

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