Thursday, April 28, 2011

Letter B activities

Hannah and I have been chugging along in our B activities. We took a bit of a break for Easter but then got right back into it. When I showed her the new box I thought she would take to the new letter as easily as she did with the Letter A. When I point to the letter B, either in a book, a magnet, or something I have drawn, she automatically calls it an A until I remind her that it’s a B. I guess it will just take some time for her to realize that each letter has its own individual name.Here are some of the B activities we have been working on:
Bean Bag sorting.

Sorting A and B Magnets

B is for Ball.

Finding the balls.
She always points when she dots them.

Coloring things that start with B: Ball, Butterfly, Bicycle, and Bird.

All Done.

Finding the colored balls in the rice.  I asked her to find a blue ball and she would try and find it.

Trying to decide if its pink or red.

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