Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Play Dough

I saw this really great spring play dough idea on Counting Coconuts and I knew Hannah would love it.  You can see my inspiration for it (here).  I just took some fake flowers and cut the buds, blossoms, and leaves off and added some green play dough for green grass.  It was really easy to pull together and it was a big hit.  Now it looks like spring inside my house even when it pours outside.  Ethan was even trying to reach his hands on the tray for the flowers.  It’s just too bad he would shove the play dough straight into his mouth if he got his hands on it, otherwise he could play too.  I don't like fishing lumps of slippery play dough out of his mouth as he gags and sputters.

Ethan getting into the action.

Planting Flowers.

A happy girl.

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